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EU Internet of Things Expert Group: Member

The European Commission, in accordance with the Communication from the Commission entitled "Internet of Things — An action plan for Europe", believed in the importance of putting in place a multi-stakeholder mechanism at European level to advise the Commission on the formulation of the EU strategy to be followed in carrying out the various actions listed in the Communication. Therefore, an expert group in the field of the Internet of Things was set up in August 2010. The group facilitated dialogue among stakeholders, and was composed of organisations with competence in the areas of Law, Economics and Technology as these apply to the Internet of Things.

The Group's objectives were to advise the Commission on how best to address the technical, legal and organisational challenges at European level, to bring about an exchange of experience and good practice and solicit oral and written contributions within a group of multiple stakeholders, including international input where needed, and to contribute to a shared vision for the development and deployment of the Internet of Things in the framework of the Digital Agenda for Europe, a flagship of the Europe 2020 Strategy.