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Alessandro Bassi Consulting was created in 2010 with a specific vision: help his clients to get beyond stereotypes and enable real innovation in different application fields using advanced ICT solutions. In particular, Alessandro Bassi Consulting has a significant experience in managing multi-millions cooperative research projects, spanning geographically from Japan to Brazil, from China to the United States, from Europe to Taiwan. Alessandro Bassi Consulting has a deep knowledge of Internet of Things baseline technologies and solution,



having pioneered the space since 2007. Currently, Alessandro Bassi Consulting focus on three convergent topics: the set of technologies belonging to the Internet of Things domain, with particular regards to the Smart City domain, technologies and mechanisms for high performance data transfers for Cloud Computing and Storage, and advanced security analysis for developing a Secure Internet of Things. Alessandro Bassi was nominated as one of the members of the IoT Expert Group, advising the European Commission



to address technical, legal and organisational challenges of IoT and contributing to a shared vision for the development and deployment of IoT in the Digital Agenda for Europe. He is an expert for ENISA, the European Network and Information Security Agency, on possible threats coming from the adoption of IoT technologies. Alessandro Bassi Consulting can offer not only technical expertise, but as well business consulting, to maximise your investments in the domain.




IoT: Technological Consulting

Alessandro Bassi Consulting has an extensive knowledge of IoT technologies and solutions, thanks to a direct engagement in this field lasting since 2007. Alessandro Bassi served as Technical Coordinator of IoT-A, the lighthouse EU project on Internet of Things, and as Chair of the Internet of Things Working Group from the European Technological Platform on Smart Systems Integration. Furthermore, Alessandro served as Expert in the IoT group nominated by the European commission. Thanks to this extensive work, Alessadro Bassi Consulting is clearly leader in this field, being able to advise and lead any kind of innovative projects related to IoT technologies.

Enabling Things to Talk - the book
Internet of Things - 2020
EU Internet of Things Expert Group
EU-China Advisory Board



Alessandro Bassi Consulting is able to develop the most advanced security policies for your project and your company. Alessandro Bassi collaborated with ENISA (the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security) for composing Flying 2.0, Enabling automated air travel by identifying and addressing the challenges of IoT & RFID technology. IoT technologies show different vulnerabilities and it's fundamental to understand risks and plan ahead in order to avoid being compromised. Alessadro Bassi Consulting is also proposing a penetration testing tool, developed by our collaborators, which is beyond the state of the art. There is no chance of success for any project with no security, and Alessadro Bassi Consulting is able to develop with any customer the right solution for the right needs.

ENISA, Flying 2.0
Penetration testing





Smart Cities

Alessandro Bassi Consulting works in this field since 2010, collaborating with major European and world cities in order to select and develop projects aiming at increasing the quality of life of citizens through the use of innovative technology and business models. Alessadro Bassi Consulting developed a clear vision towards the cities of the future, and a lear understanding of novel and sustainable projects and business models to increase the overall quality of life of citizens.

Barcelona SmartCity International Award



Business Analysis and Sustainability

Alessandro Bassi Consulting staff and collaborators have decades worth of experience in the business and financial field. Alessandro Bassi Consulting is capable of developing strong and business analysis of your projects, showing shortcomings and strengths, and how the use of innovative technologies can improve your business. Furthermore, the wide network developed in all these years will allow us to find you the perfect match in order to develop synergies with different commercial and research partners.




Alessandro Bassi has been invited as a keynote speaker, panelist or moderator in more than 100 events and conferences, in Europe, Asia and the Americas; Alessandro Bassi Consulting helped in the organisation and concept development of several events, including iot-week (

M2M Forum
Meet IoT


Big Data

Cloud Storage solutions seem to provide a sustainable architecture for the data-hungry application needs, allowing the development of high-performance solutions, although no single player seem to have found the silver bullet yet. Alessandro Bassi Consulting started in 2010 an active collaboration with Nevoa Networks, an innovative Brazilian SME proposing a revolutionary distributed storage solution. Alessandro Bassi Consulting provides technological consultancy and developments of their original ideas.

Nevoa Networks




Who we are
Alessandro Bassi

Alessandro Bassi graduated in Computer Science from the University in Milan in 1994.
He joined Amadeus in January 1997, and he moved to the University of Tennessee in 2000, where he was involved in the seminal work of the Internet Backplane Protocol. From 2002 he then held a Research Visitor position at the Ecole Normale Superieure in Lyon, France. After working one year for RIPE NCC, in November 2004 he joined Hitachi Europe.
Since September 2010 an Independent Consultant, working on topics related to Internet of Things technologies.
He was the chair from 2007 until 2013 of the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration "EPoSS" RFID / Internet of Things Working Group; currently, he is the co-chair of the Manufacturing WG. He was a member of the IoT Expert Group, nominated by the European Commission (2010-2012). Furthermore, he serves in the EU-China and EU-Taiwan Advisory Group.
He was is the Technical Coordinator of the lighthouse project regarding the Internet of Things in the Framework Programme 7, 'Internet of Things - Architecture" (IoT-A).
He authored a book, "Enabling Things to Talk", on Internet of Things.
Alessandro has been a keynote speaker in more than 100 events.



Jitka Slechtova

Jitka holds a MBA (Applied Finance) from the International University of Monaco, and a BSc in Business Administration from the same University. She obtained the Best Thesis Award with a work titled “Clusters: The key factors for a successful cluster development”. Jitka worked 9 years for Western DIgital, in Prague and Amsterdam, evolving from Sales Support to EMEA Demand Planner, where she was responsible for the EMEA cash planning and execution and managed a weekly inventory of 500K HDD, forecasting demand and setting allocation and shipping policies and priorities based on analytical data. After joining Alessandro Bassi Consulting as a Business Analyst, Jitka was involved in the analysis of long-term economical sustainability of different projects related to IoT, in particular the European IoT Alliance set-up, and with different Alessandro Bassi Consulting private customers.



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